What Our Clients Say

Every detail was meticulously crafted

“My wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the transformation of our home thanks to the exceptional design work by Ridgewood Designs. From conceptualization to execution, every detail was meticulously crafted, resulting in a space that reflects our style and exceeds our expectations in every way. Their keen eye for aesthetics and functionality brought new life to every room, making our home truly feel like a sanctuary. I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Ridgewood Designs to anyone seeking to elevate their living space to new heights of elegance and comfort.”


Leslie and Libby got a good feel for my style

“Two features of Ridgewood Designs addressed what I wanted:

  1. They specialize in “tiny projects,” not just full-scale renovations; and
  2. They “help clients bring their vision to life in their homes.”

I needed to tweak several rooms (living room, dining room, den, kitchen, main bedroom), not overhaul any single room. And I already liked my home; I didn’t want it to look as if it had been curated by someone else.

Leslie and Libby got a good feel for my style, not only what would complement it but also what would enhance it in a way I never would have imagined without their input. Every room I walk into now makes me smile. And the project management was impressive. They choreographed everyone: painter, wall paperer, carpenter, electricians, upholsterer, furniture refinisher. All the contractors they used were skilled, reliable, clever problem-solvers, and generally pleasant people.

I am eagerly starting a new project with them (main bathroom and 2 powder rooms) and I’m loving their suggestions. I will no doubt use them again in the future.”


Always responsive and eager to listen

“Leslie and Libby are fantastic to work with, and brought forward ideas and selections that we would have never discovered on our own! Always responsive and eager to listen, they have elevated the look and feel of our entire home significantly while it was still being constructed. They have great depth and diversity of experience and knowledge that was of huge benefit to us!”