With the busy lives that many of us lead, the dining room may not have the central role it once had for most families. But, the importance of the “family dinner” has been reinforced in many recent studies. Creating an inviting and user-friendly space can help facilitate a positive experience for these family meals, whether they are for a nightly dinner, weekend brunch or major holiday. Finding the right balance of utility and design is an excellent goal for any dining room design project you undertake.
A brief note about the importance of the family meal that we mentioned above. An article in The Washington Post outlined the benefits of a family dinner including better nutrition, improved communication and, for children, better mental health outcomes when they regularly ate with their family. It’s a good article and one worth reading.
One of our recent projects allowed us to work in a dining room space. In it’s “before” state it looked like this:
We tried to address several issues in the room, to make it feel more contemporary and brighter and more inviting. We updated the window treatments to soften the window openings. We added a more dynamic light fixture to improve the brightness of the room and also to give a central, visual element. A more modern dining room table and chairs act as a contrast to the more traditional appearance of the room. A carpet helped to brighten the space as well. Do you have a dining room that needs to be updated? Maybe you want a more welcoming space for your family meals? If so, please give us a call to talk about your project.