Traditions are for Sharing

As Hannukah and Christmas ring in the winter season with family traditions and celebrations, Passover and Easter highlight our anticipations for rebirth, renewal and spring.

It’s our pleasure to share our traditions with you, like bunny rolls, neighborhood Easter Egg hunts, and Italian Easter pies. We’d love to learn about your spring holiday traditions too. Post how you and your family celebrate on our Facebook page.

Let’s share ideas and start some new traditions this spring!

Libby’s Easter Traditions

At my house, it’s a tradition to serve lamb for Easter accompanied by bunny rolls. I have had mixed results with the bunny rolls over the years, however, they are so adorable I can’t help but keep them as an Easter tradition. I’m sharing a recipe from since they are a bit tricky to make and they give helpful suggestions to make a cute bunny roll.

Libby's daughter, Stephanie at 3 with her Easter basket and my son, Nick at age 4.

My daughter, Stephanie at 3 with her Easter basket and my son, Nick at age 4.

I put out a lot of spring decorations including my collection of bird nests in varying sizes. I like to run a row of the nests down the center of the Easter table and put hollowed out colored eggs in each nest.

When my three children were little, I hand painted wicker baskets for each of them. They are brightly colored with chicks and their initials on them. Every year, I reuse the baskets although what I fill them with has changed as they have gotten older. One year, I filled my daughter, Stephanie’s basket with all thing orange like nail polish, hair bows and soap since that is her favorite color.

I don’t know who has more fun. Me or my kids.

Leslie’s Easter Traditions

I always hosted the neighborhood Easter egg hunt for 30 children on the Saturday before Easter. I would fill hundreds of plastic eggs with chocolate and hide them in my back yard. The kids would line up at the end of the driveway with their baskets. On the count of 3, we would cut the Easter ribbon that crossed the driveway which held back the kids and then they would go at it. While the kids hunted and enjoyed their treats, I served homemade Easter bread and mimosas for adult fun.

Ricotta Pie

Ricotta Pie

Every year, I colored dozens and dozens of eggs with my children and their cousins. On that same day, we would make traditional Italian Easter pies (wheat berry pie, and ham pie with fresh farmers cheese and black pepper crust), ricotta pie and of course, Easter bread made with anisette.

My children all used the baskets that were once mine as a child. I would just refresh the plastic Easter grass every year. The night before Easter, I would hide their baskets and when they woke up on Sunday morning the hunt began.

Easter Sunday was always a feast at our house with lasagna first, anitpasto , ham and fresh peas followed by a buffet of desserts. I set my table a week in advance with china, fresh flowers and hand blown eggs that were decoupaged by me. For a special touch and to help organize dinner, everyone had Munson’s chocolate bunny with their name printed on it at their place setting.