Take Your Ceilings From White to Wow!

When we design a room for a client, we start from the floor up. Sometimes, up can mean all the way to the ceiling.

Textured Wallpaper for a Copper Ceiling

Decorative painter, Sandy McRae creating a "copper ceiling"

Decorative painter, Sandy McRae creating a “copper ceiling”

We just finished a project where our client who loves earthy autumn colors like orangey golds, browns and umbers, wanted a copper ceiling for her bar room. Skylight windows in the ceiling would have made installing the copper very difficult. So we opted to use a white textured wallpaper on the ceiling that decorative painter, Sandy McRae transformed with copper color paint. The ceiling is amazing and so authentic for a room with a pool table and dark wood finished bar topped with a granite countertop in “Black Cosmic”.

Stenciled Swirls for a Ceiling Highlight

Swirls around chandelierWe loved the color for the copper ceiling so much that we carried the look into the dining room. Based on the custom dining room rug and upholstery and new wallpaper in dark brown, Sandy layered lighter, coordinating colors on the ceiling as a background for a stenciled brown swirl design in the center of the ceiling which is highlighted by two chandeliers.

The look is dressy and dramatic and gave our client exactly what she was looking for. See more photos from this project which also included the kitchen and the patio furniture.

Think of Ceilings as another Wall in Your Room

Paint them dark to add drama or light to give your room height and depth; use wood beams to infuse a rustic look, or moulding for a formal touch; stencil a design around a light fixture or use the entire space to create a decorative scene of lattice, sky, birds, you name it; extend a design you have on your wall to the ceiling; use wallpaper to add design, color or texture.

Have fun and be creative with your ceilings. The sky’s the limit!

See more ideas on our Pinterest page; Read the article, “Heads Up” in the November 2013 issue of Hartford Magazine.