Fall Back (in time that is)

When I was a young girl in the late 6o’s , my family would venture out on a Sunday drive.  My father is the son of Polish immigrants and was born in an iconic New England mill town in Massachusetts.  About three times a year we would all pile into my Grandfathers 1965 Chrysler New Yorker.  This car by today’s standards would be the size of a small party bus. We drove along scenic roads from Connecticut to West Warren Mass, snaking along the Quabaug river.  The day would center around visits to great uncles, friends and of course a quick stop at the Polish American home.

Today I visited the neighboring town of West Brookfield and the Salem Cross Inn.  The trip brought back all these childhood memories, transporting me back to the 1960’s.  Today’s vista was filled with so many oil painting autumn hues, gold, ocher, sienna and rust…the same colors used in home decor in the 60’s.

I kept going back in my mind to one of the first birthday parties that I attended for a member of my first grade class. His house was the “hip” house.  Their ranch house had an open concept floor plan and cathedral ceilings in the family room.  The carpet was shag and the color palette was the same hues I saw along these country roads. (Golds,brown, and olive with pops of yellow.) The lamps were shiny metal and the walls had geometric wallpaper. By comparison my own home, a classic brick Cape Cod with it’s inherited family pieces and wedgewood blue Ethan Allen wing chairs certainly seemed dull. My friend lived like a movie star.

So once again these retro colors are being used in the home. Now anyone can live in the “cool” house on the block.  Olive green, bright Mandarin orange, and  sunny yellows are dominant colors in fabrics for draperies and upholstery, and in accessories like toss pillows and ceramic lamps.  Shiny chrome and brass lamps are back in fashion.  Accent walls of Teal or a grasscloth wallpaper are another throw back to 1960’s decor.  The overall look is so chic and stylish.

That 1960’s birthday party memory is so etched in my mind.  That house’s interior made a lasting impression.  While other 5 year olds were eating cake and ice cream I was in awe of this new modern decor!It’s amazing how a ride in the country can result in so much nostalgia.